Watch these videos to optimise the performance of your tools and keep your workplace safe.

Cutting and Grinding Wheels
Tuff Grinding Wheels

Find out why cheap grinding wheels don’t actually save you money.

Cutting and Grinding Wheels
Tuff Cutting Wheel

All cutting wheels are not made the same. Here’s why…

Cutting and Grinding Wheels
Tuff Dual Function 2X1 Cutting and Grinding Wheel

See how the Tuff 2X1 Dual Function cutting and grinding wheel saves time, money and and boosts productivity.

Portable Angle Grinder
Tuff Portable Angle Grinder

Watch the superior performance and unparalleled safety features of the Tuff Portable Angle Grinder.

Personal Protective Equipment
Tuff Personal Protective Equipment

See why Tuff EN/ANSI certified PPE products keep you and your workplace safe and accident free.

Cutting and Grinding Wheels
Tuff Industries Cutting Wheel Safety Demonstration

See why Tuff cutting and grinding wheel is the safest in the market.

Portable Angle Grinder
Tuff Tools Safety Basics for Portable Grinder

Learn about the basic safety rules when using a portable grinder.

Cutting and Welding Machine
Tuff Flame Plasma Line

See how Tuff innovative and eco-friendly Plasma Cutters save you time and money.